Unique creation of glass holders

Our glass holders are suspension serving trays with a central hole and peripheral notches.

The 31 mm-diameter central hole version is intended for the neck of a standard bottle of wine, whereas Champagne, cider and beer find their happiness in the 37 mm-diameter one. 

The peripheral notches accommodate stemmed glasses, suspended right side up or upside down.

With their original and sophisticated design, these simple artworks immediately enhance tables, sideboards, buffets, serving trolleys, display cases…

Our large models can additionally be used as trays or tablemats for appetizers, nibbles, tapas, pastries, sugared almonds, sauces, dips, candles, flowers… in a wide variety of settings, such as houses, hotels, restaurants, bars, cellars and shops.

Currently available via wholesale, our glass holders may be resold or given on their own or accompanied by a bottle, in a presentation box or a gourmet hamper.

Perfect as promotional items and business gifts, they are also ideal to bid welcome or celebrate a retirement, an achievement, a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, an annual festival… Every special occasion! 

Glass holders